Michael jordan gambling conspiracy bill simmons

Michael jordan gambling conspiracy bill simmons casino cruise myrtle beach sc The Draft has long been a source of conspiracy for the NBA.

So the common thread. NBA is corrupt and motivated by TV ratings. Ummm, none of this is gambling? Front Page Schools Transactions Dimmons Hockey Scoreboard Message Boards. Insider Front Page NFL Insider MLB Insider NBA Insider College Insider Recruiting Insider ESPN The Magazine Radio Insider Blogs. But a lot of people.

1) Michael Jordan was asked by the league office to retire in due to his gambling problem. The conspiracy has persisted to this day, championed especially by noted basketball fanatic and crazy theory philosopher Bill Simmons. But of all the conspiracies, the one involving Michael Jordan looms the largest. In a book titled Michael and Me: Our Gambling Addiction My Cry for Help, Richard Esquinas – a As recently as , Bill Simmons was able to question David Stern about Michel Jordan ’s first retirement. The theory is that Michael Jordan ’s mini-retirements before his official, final retirement were forced by NBA Commissioner David Stern. Jordan had a gambling problem and Stern didn’t like the heat that was about to brought on the NBA with its star player having this addiction problem.